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Retain and develop your most valuable assets

We provide a number of services which could all come under improving the ROI in employees.

We believe that professional staff development is a process, not an event.

There are a few broad categories of services that we offer to develop your professional staff. These categories are In House Training, Executive, Middle Management and Individual Coaching, Team / Group Coaching, Modelling Experts and Replicating Talent, and Effectiveness Training.

In House Training

Blue-Sky Transformation regularly delivers high quality, tailored NLP courses specialising in developing groups and individuals. These tailored NLP based solutions are aimed to meet the needs of the group and to increase the level of effectiveness for groups and individuals rapidly. Our clients have benefited from their services in the areas of engagement enhancement, change management, effective communication, leadership development and performance coaching for corporate.

Executive, Middle Management and Individual Coaching

This is where we coach on a one-to-one basis. NLP Coaching is a powerful interactive process that helps individuals to develop personally and professionally more rapidly. Because NLP is the “Enabler” – NLP helps our clients unlock the keys to how they think, speak and operate. NLP Coaching is specific, effective and rapid.

Based upon targeted and specific performance coaching sessions, the following are some of the results:

  • improved awareness of the impact of the client’s communication to themselves and others
  • improved persuasion and negotiation skills
  • conducting or participating in effective meetings because of their approach
  • improved presentation skills as they focus on the outcomes and words they use
  • more robust negotiations because they are focused on the intentions of themselves, their stakeholders and they are able to elicit the intentions from others
  • greater success at building effective teams
  • improved quality of generated options – this is one of the founding principles of NLP – generating or increasing choices
  • improved ability at making quality decisions
  • enabling a client to access their unconscious resources – where all their wealth of experience is stored

Team / Group Coaching

Team coaching is a specific set of agreed sessions that we would carry out after a series of Needs Analysis for the individuals in the teams and the session is tailored to the specific needs of the company, budget, and location. It is the best way to create effective change in any team. Because all sessions are delivered on site, within the context of change – the outcomes have real impact.

We believe professional staff development is a process, not an event.

Modelling Experts and Replicating Talent

These are specialist activities on a project basis. Modelling is the essence of NLP which enables replication of critical talents. Replication of talent can be used by corporations to develop talent in their employees, to increase staff retention (replicating talent instead of replacing), retaining the key knowledge base and improving engagement by providing each employee with the skills to perform at the best that is possible for them in that environment.

  1. We benchmark current productivity and other measurements before we start, and continue to check for improvements at each step. We use a combination of our own tools and also tie in to the Corporation’s own tools and measurements if present.
  2. We then use tools to check the skill-set strengths of the expert in a team and the others that are not performing as well.
  3. We then either
    1. teach each of those in the how to model the expert, or
    2. we model the skill from the expert ourselves.

This decision is based on the Corporation’s decision around time, quality and results. The objective is for the talent to be passed on and mastered by these individuals. So at this point, we either train the team with the modelling skills or we model the talent ourselves.

  1. We code the expert’s talent, followed by some tests of the talent
  2. We re-model and test the talent (iteratively)
  3. We replicate the talent – this is done by those who modelled the talent (either us or members in the team, depending on the decision in step 3)

Leadership and Strategy

We use a very holistic and dynamic framework to analyse how an organization is managing their employees and customer relationships. Just as we cannot not communicate, leaders cannot not manager or lead and the performance strategy may be an implicit one. We work together to see how staff and other relationships work to create value for the organization and its stakeholders.

Tackling the issues from multiple angles, we provide strategic advisory services or broker the right expertese in as required to improve at either a workgroup level, organizational level, or together with stakeholders, vendors and partners.

Staff engagement

Do you know who your major change agents are in your organization? Who is the most likely person to leave in the near future due to unseen stress levels?
Do you know who has the creative capacity that may exceed many of the other staff you have? Following on from what may have already done in the area of Leadership and Strategy, we utilize a number of instruments to measure employee engagement specific to your organization and demonstrate where they are linking powerfully to your relevant business outcomes.

Armed with this information, the strategies and intentions of management, we are able to analyse and find solutions to address problems like staff retention, productivity, team cohesiveness, profitability, goal orientation, stability, customer engagement, and attitudes to safety and any interpersonal issues that become apparant.

Effectiveness Training

Will your staff benefit and improve from having a deeper understanding of the people the work with? Do you find you often need to ask your staff to do more with less?
What if your staff could develop new approaches and find solutions to problems in your work or life in general?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of success. It has tools for creating and facilitating personal and professional change in yourself and others.

  • Communicate at optimum levels at any time with anyone, including your self.
  • Overcome obstacles and find solutions in your business and personal life.
  • Develop the ability to adjust quickly to change.
  • Enhance your performance by choosing and controlling your mental state.
  • Find new perspectives in any interaction for greater understanding and interpretation.

Our Background

Let Blue-sky Transformation come and transform your business. With a combined experience of over 50 years in business across a wide range of industries and disciplines (Airlines, Banks, Finance, Manufacturing, Cars, Parts distribution, Outsourcing, Supply chains, Insurance, FMCG, Service Industries, Help Desks) and detailed experience in 6 countries, and working on projects spanning 40 countries.

Business transformation is a key executive management initiative that firstly aligns the People, Process and Tools/Technology of a company more closely to the values of the management.

Business Transformation should introduce sustainable organisational changes that bring improved results. From the outset, we work with you to understand your business outcomes, and familiarize ourselves with your priorities, business strategies and goals. We get under the skin of your business, to understand the cultural fit of people and their jobs and identify enablers and barriers to change. We work with you to win your staff, creating and implementing innovative, practical people solutions which make a real difference to your business. We support you throughout the journey and monitor and review our own work, and the effectiveness all the way on the path.

Focused Approach:

Organisation Change

we work with you to define and deliver the changes to your employee brand, culture and behaviour which will achieve your business goals.

Leadership Development

we coach, inspire and develop leaders to raise their game; we harness their talent and release their potential, to achieve the results that matter to your business

Team Effectiveness

we explore the dynamics of your teams; we engage their energy and commitment, encouraging them to deliver outstanding performance

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