Making an initial exploratory session

Our Coaching processes help you to make your
Life Transitions the best Turning Points

Sonya with Tea at Binna Burra, Qld
Your coach: Sonya Yeh Spencer, NLP Trainer, Advanced Coach, PDip (Psychology)

Our sessions are geared to help you identify how you can make the most out of your changing situation! It isn’t therapy or counselling or consultancy or training or advising. Coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps us find solutions to problems that is preventing you from living a full life. It can also drastically enhance your emotional intelligence and cognitive skills to produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional lives.  Coaching is an active process, within which you are fully participating in your own progress. Coaches work to deepen the understanding of the situation and generate insight that can make a change in your life. The coach brings the “know how” to help you get to where you want to be more successfully.

Making an initial exploratory session

For an initial exploratory session with no obligation, call me on 07 3425 2827 or contact me here by email.

One off session for exploration – $80 + GST
It is a good way to see if coaching is the way forward for you. Prior to this 1 hour session I’ll have sent you a worksheet to get you thinking and to start you looking at your life from a different perspective. At the end of the hour you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want, what’s important to you and what changes you need to make. You will have begun to sow some seeds of change.

Coaching is most effective when you’re ready to commit to a minimum of 2 months. During the 2 months, we will establish a very clear view of where you are now and where you want to be, the stumbling blocks that need to be removed, inner and outer resources that you require and implement strategies to achieve your goal.

By the end of the 2 months, you will start to see changes in your emotion, thinking and behaviour, all geared towards achieving your goals in a balanced and holistic way.

Every individual is different and the program is different for each person, depending on your situation, we will work together to establish a program that is workable for you.

Why I am the right coach for you?

Change and adaptation is a consistent theme in my life. I have been through moving countries, adapting to new cultures, language, facing discrimination, relationship ups and downs, careers, health issues, poverty, loss & grief, challenge my own identity, religion, believes, become a step mom for three boys, learn to appreciate aging, experience the impact of when life does not go according to plan (like not having my own children), or handling the consequences of a bad decision and depression, just to name a few.

Many people share similar stories of change, so I am not alone. The realisation that we are not alone in our experiences and tools that have helped me can be used to help others, really enabled me to stand with my clients and see from their perspectives deeply. There are many tools that will work with different people for different challenges. With the advancement in cognitive neuroscience we now have insight into many of the mental processes that can help us make necessary changes more effectively, faster.

I believe there are always easier or faster way to help different people to go through life’s ups and downs more smoothly. My quest to find effective tools have pushed me to delve into many methodologies deeply and I became a NLP trainer 2009, worked with various body work systems such as the Bodytalk™ and systematically explored cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

10 years since I transitioned my career from IT into coaching, I have decided to become a psychologist. Now finishing my 4th year in training and working with neuroscientists to conduct research to find even better ways to work with people. I have greater tools and knowledge to assist you even more effectively.

I am dedicated to assist you. Life is short and it does not need to be full of suffering, and changes in life don’t need to be painful; we just need to work through it in the most effective way. Remember that changes are transition points, they do not last and you can work through it.

If you feel encouraged now, you can take an initial exploratory session with no obligation by calling me on 07 3425 2827 or contact me here by email to explore this further.



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