Career Change & Redundancy

Major life transitions are changes in our lives that can create heightened stress and demands for adjustment in one or more areas of our life.

Major Life Transitions – Career Change & Redundancy

Let us help you to embrace itCareer transitions (changing industry, advancement or redundancy), can seriously impact on your self-esteem, identity and well-being. These events can also “trigger” other crises, such as relationships and finances. We can help you transition quickly and be ready for the next career goal, while minimising unhelpful triggers.

Remember this is a temporary condition, and you can choose to work it through so that enriches your life. Adopting a mind set that the best is yet to come can be very helpful. Maybe, it is now time to pursuit what you want in life. It might also be helpful to envision your future career that can bring meaning and purpose to your life.

One-to-One Support

Whether you are considering a career change or going through redundancy, we have a step-by-step system in place to assist you.

Redundancy Outplacement Support

Maybe your employer is funding your outplacement support, or you are funding it for yourself, we have a range of programs to support you. We understand that the process of developing your CV, getting your LinkedIn profile ready, searching for the next job, preparing for interviews and developing your sales pitch can be very challenging. At the same time there might be some mixed emotions while going through the outplacement process.

The emotional stress can impact on your optimal functioning and hinders your effort to obtain the next job. Our program first focus on your emotional wellbeing by providing you with scientifically based emotional regulation tools and practical supports. We then support you with practical assistance to help you focus on your job search in a targeted way, prepare for interviews and get job ready!

Career Change

Feeling uninspired, unappreciated and that your life is wasting away? Is it time to start building a work life that motivates, excites and satisfy you? Maybe you have a new career in mind and would like to plan a strategy to transition your career. Maybe you are not sure about what it is that you want but you know what you do not want.

We can provide you with practical tools and strategies to transition you into your next career, planning is critical for your transition success. Our tools are developed based on science to engage the whole brain and your unconscious to bring out necessary answers to help you gain key self knowledge so you can progress in the right direction.

Why Choose Us?

Blue-Sky Transformation helps you make life’s transition easier, faster and more successfully.

  • Using evidence-based approaches
  • Having a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro, Cognitive and Neurocardiologyical Psychology
  • Having 10+ years experience
  • Adopting a holistic approach
  • Upholding your privacy and fully implement Australian Psychological Society (APS) code of ethics (ask us about it)
  • Actively participating in the latest neurological research
  • Accessing a network of specialists to cater for your needs
  • We walk the talk and have your best interest at heart!