Facing Life Transitions? We can help!

Create Fulfillment in Your Life

Blue-Sky Transformation (BST) specialises in helping people transform life’s changes into meaningful, satisfying and purposeful life advancements. We focus on evidence-based methods using cognitive psychological and neurocardiological tools to make life’s transition easier, faster result in enhanced emotional resilience and success.

“Your processes moved me from despair to regain my life and now I am at the top of my game, again.” C.K, Sales Director

Our sessions focuses on 3 key areas

Reduce stress and gain clarity

Reducing Emotional Stress & Gaining Clarity

Life can feel out of control at times of change. Strong emotional reactions can be stressful for you and your family.

By helping you to reduce the emotional impact, you can be in the right mental space to take advantage of the situation.

The transition can be much easier when you can think clearly.

I am on my way

Acting on Immediate Needs & Having a Strategy

When change happens, maybe very suddenly, it can affect multiple areas of your life. Gaining immediate control over high impact areas in your life will help you see where you need to be in the future.
Be in the driver’s seat to create your future direction. You can use life’s turning points for advancement.

Reaching higher goals

Moving Forward to Reach Greater Heights

It is great to have a sense of direction and a strategy to help you get there.
The important thing to ask yourself is “do I have the resources to get there?” The key is to create the right conditions for you to put what is necessary in place to adapt to your new context, faster, easier, with more joy.

Science: Establish Calmness and Control amongst Chaos

Research has shown that our ability to create calmness and gain clarity quickly can greatly enhance our ability to successfully adapt to changes in our life. It sounds very simple, and it is, if you know how to gain emotional resilience, activate the optimal brain functioning to create clarity and act appropriately.
The truth is that most people who are experiencing heightened stressful emotions are not functioning optimally. Also, most people have the tendency to focusing on themselves excessively, which is normal when feeling threatened or fearful for their future, rather than seeing the real situation clearly. The consequence of not having clarity is not to act appropriately and causing more chaos and stress.

Specialists Insight, Experiences & Support – Equipped to help you

BST comes from a background of neuroscience, cognitive and neurocardiological psychology, and coaching to help you establish calmness, control and clarity, fast.
Different people react to changes in life differently, but there are always aspects of the individual we can leverage to make the transition easier. Our deep understanding of individual differences comes from over 10 years of experience working with people from a wide range of backgrounds, contexts and needs.
This extensive experience has shown us that during life’s transition, more than one areas of life, like finances, physical health, that also need attention. We can guide you to many specialists who can support you in these areas. Bringing it all together, you can function at your best so you gain the most out of your life’s turning points.

Making Change Easier

Life can be hard, but it does not have to be

Change is a part of life.

The more that you can tap into a natural way to adapt to new challenges, the more you can have to enjoy the results.

We have used these tools on ourselves and many others. From this experience, we know that going through life’s transitions can be much easier and satisfying, when you know how to do it.


Why Choose Us?

Blue-Sky Transformation helps you make life’s transition easier, faster and more successfully.

  • Using an evidence-based approach
  • Having a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro, Cognitive and Neurocardiologyical Psychology
  • Having over 10 years experience
  • Adopting an holistic approach
  • Upholding your privacy and fully implementing the Australian Psychological Society (APS) code of ethics (ask us about it)
  • Actively participating in the latest neurological research
  • Accessing a network of specialists to cater for your needs
  • We walk the talk and have your best interest at heart!


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“Your processes moved me from despair to regain my life and now I am at the top of my game, again.” C.K, Sales Director, 2014

C.K, Sales Director

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