Back on Track

Major life transitions are changes in our lives that can create heightened stress and demands for adjustment in one or more areas of our life.

Getting Back on Track – Does life feel derailed?

BST step up_cHRmedOur life plan does not always work out. There are other forces that is out of our control that can happen suddenly and sweep us off course. You might be implementing your master plan but somehow feel stuck or hoping things will just fall into places and griped by fear rather than taking steps to make it come true. Sometimes you know what you want but keeps on making the wrong choices or compromises, poor romantic choices for example. In other cases you might know what you need to do however, excuses seems to follow and you talk yourself out of it.

The key is to understand your unconscious thinking, and how unhelpful thinking patterns translate into behaviours that keep you on the wrong track, rather than getting you back on track. Fear, nervousness and uneasiness is normal. With the right level of pacing and steady progression, you can go through it and come out better at the other end.

Why Choose Us?

Blue-Sky Transformation helps you make life’s transition easier, faster and more successfully.

  • Using evidence-based approaches
  • Having a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro, Cognitive and Neurocardiologyical Psychology
  • Having 10+ years experience
  • Adopting a holistic approach
  • Upholding your privacy and fully implement Australian Psychological Society (APS) code of ethics (ask us about it)
  • Actively participating in the latest neurological research
  • Accessing a network of specialists to cater for your needs
  • We walk the talk and have your best interest at heart!
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