Blue-Sky Transformation is Australasia’s Leading Centre of NLP Training, Education and Development. It is currently the only NLP organisation in the Australasia that can jointly offer the Grinder, Bostic and Carroll ink signatured NLP Classic Code Practitioner certificates and New Code Certificates. Blue-Sky Transformation delivers the highest quality and most comprehensive NLP programs available in Australia today.

The core of NLP is about Modelling. Modelling is a process that recognises excellence in human ability, and codes it, allows us to replicate it and transfer aspects of that ability to oneself or another. Therefore, it is described as the “tool for replicating talent” – to actualise our potentials and create success in our life.

NLP Classic Code Training

Training programs designed to result in a qualification from an authorised certification body for NLP Classic Code.

NLP Application Training

Training in a skill that is an application of NLP and does not involve certifications. An NLP Application is a tool, pattern or process that can be taught without needing to understand anything about NLP…


by being able to work with your brain and body as an intelligent system, you will be more effective and successful in life!

NLP New Code Training

Dr. John Grinder, first developed the New Code of NLP with Judith Delozier, and continued later with Carmen Bostic St Clair, to correct some of the original design errors….

Married, Divorced, Widowed, Single, Separated, Ready to Move on

Marriage and Divorce

Married, Divorced, Widowed, Single Separated Ready to Move on – Changing marital status is one of the most stressful experiences. The situation might last for some years, depending on the circumstances….

New Career Ahead, let us help you embrace it

Career Change & Redundancy

Career transitions (changing industry, advancement or redundancy), can seriously impact on your self-esteem, identity and wellbeing. It can also “trigger” other crises, such as relationships and finances. We can help you transition…

The best is yet to come

Living Forward – Active Retirement & Purpose

Aging and retirement can bring new perspectives on life, purpose and is often accompanied with role changes. Living in the third age can be the most rewarding time of our lives. We can help you identify new perspectives, let go of the past….

Get back on track

Back on Track

Does life feel derailed? Getting Back on Track – Our life plan does not always work out. There are other forces that are out of our control that can happen suddenly and sweep us off course. You might be implementing your master plan but somehow feel stuck or….