NLP Trainers

The quality of your Trainer will have a major impact on your experience of NLP. So what should you look for?

Well, at the very least they should be qualified, which means they have been certified as NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and NLP Trainer with, at least one, reputable training provider.

These qualifications should be verifiable. When you talk to the trainer check out if they have the following:

  • They have a real NLP training qualification. If they are qualified from a reputable training organisation, their qualifications should be verifiable, sometimes from an independent website. So, verify their qualifications.
  • They have professional experience using NLP, so you can learn from someone with real experiences.
  • They regularly use NLP as a practitioner (as opposed to a purely training or business context) so you can learn from someone with real one on one client experiences.
  • They have professional experience outside of NLP, so you can learn from someone with real contexts to apply the knowledge and skills.
  • They have taken the time to develop themselves and obtain the trainers status over time.
  • They are able to demonstrate NLP patterns, not just talk about them.
  • They are able to deal with questions and issues in an engaging way, to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively.
  • Has a training style that suits you. This is an individual thing, but important to consider.
  • They care about your learning.
  • They are able to work with you real time, unscripted.
  • They are able to teach without notes.
  • They can present any topic, any time and create connection to help you integrate the different topics