Undecided – Coaching or Training in NLP?

By Mark Spencer, Certified ITA NLP Trainer

Undecided about whether you need some Coaching, Mentoring or should you get Trained in the meta-discipline of NLP?

We have many coaching and mentoring clients who became students so that they could have mastery over their behaviours. If you are undecided as to whether you would be better with coaching, mentoring or being trained, then maybe a blend is best for you…

When we coach, we are keen to understand your specific outcomes and proceed from there. Maybe you are a self-starter, and you might find that the best way forward is to be trained in the meta-discipline of NLP so it applies to so many aspects of your life.

If you find that your issue is that you don’t know where to start or that everything is inter-linked, and you want to really understand your way forward on a whole of life scale, then maybe you are ready for diving in right now to our NLP Foundations course or a taster by attending our NLP Introduction course.

The upside of attending a course is you that will be able to learn more and gain more tools to utilise in all areas of your life. The down side might be that the course might not be as targeted to your specific needs. If you are flexible, keen to learn and think that you’re up to it, then the training with some coaching is a great way to proceed.

The one on one session is extremely effective because we are able to individually focus on your own specific need, your outcome(s) or performance requirements.

Feed back from many of our clients who have attended the course after their coaching sessions has been extremely positive.

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